Getting your mind ready

June 24, 2018


All of us face mental challenges, that much we know. But some find them to be a bit harder to manage than others. If you're in this category, your mental state can have such a detrimental effect that even if you wanted to, you just can't seem to get the motivation to get out there. In such cases it's not unusual to fall back into bad habits, such as overeating or drinking for that matter. Fitness, we know can help alleviate mental problems as it has been shown to increase serotonin levels. Its not necessarily as simple as - go for a run and everything will be ok - rather that fitness is one element that can assist you in becoming confident and happy. Professional help such as talking to your GP or psychologist about your issues, is super critical and hopefully with their assistance, a healthy diet and a regime of fitness, the only thing that remains is time and patience.  


Ok, so how we can get out of this rut? It's not easy and it takes a bit of commitment, but the following steps have been constructed in a way that aren't too confronting or too challenging to begin with and therefore won't become just another attempt at something that was never going to work. There are no rest days, as once we start we don't want to stop and give ourselves the opportunity to fall back into bad habits.  


Day 1 - Walk around the block at your pace. Yep that's it. However when you are on your walk, look for things you never knew existed. Maybe the neighbours flowers in bloom or a row of trees that look radiant. We aren't trying to deviate away from fitness, but we want you to start seeing the outdoors, as you are going to have to start living and loving them...! 


Day 2 - Walk around the block, but this time at a rigorous pace. 


Day 3 - Switch between walking and jogging around the block. It doesn't matter if you walk most the way so long as you attempt to jog on a few occasional. The more the better.  


Day 4 - Continue to switch between walking and jogging but attempt more jogging than yesterday.


Day 5 - Attempt to jog the entire distance at a slow pace, stop and walk if you need to but only if you REALLY need to. Time your jog today.


Day 6 - Jog the entire block again, attempting to improve on yesterdays time.


Day 7 - Repeat the block, again trying to improve your time.


The following week do the same thing with the goal of improving your time. Ensure on the days that you feel you need a rest, take it by taking a walk rather than a jog.  Continue to do this for a month and then amp it up by doubling the distance and adding in a maximum plank hold at the end. After a few months of doing this you will be feeling great and wanting more. Exercise is addictive, let it take you wherever you want to go from here. 









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Getting your mind ready

June 24, 2018

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