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April 2, 2017

So ladies its time I get real - I am coming up to 7 months post-natal and felt it necessary to share my real, very raw version of what my post-partum life has entailed. On the 30th November last year at 12 weeks post-natal, I set myself a goal of being back to my pre-baby shape (physically and mentally) in 12 weeks. I wanted to get back to feeling great, looking great and again totally in control of my life. The date that I was planning on posting amazing transformation photos and discussing my mindset was more than 5 weeks ago and if I’m honest - I'm still not quite where I thought I would be. The thing is ladies, as much as we Mums’ like to prepare, plan and anticipate - from packing perfectly balanced school lunches or finding the time to volunteer more, exercising more or some other damn thing that we just simply have not got the time to do, the fact is our busy lives cause our well-intended plans to fly straight out the window. This generally translates to personal goals being affected – hence why I felt compelled to write this article…  


I set myself a goal, and being a personal trainer and wellness coach who sets goals for a living, considered it simply a matter of time for my simple goal to materialise, and quite simply I fast-forwarded to visualising myself positing my wonderful Instagram posts displaying my glory like so many other Instagram trainers who post their amazing post-natal transformations for all to see! However, obstacles obscured my path and my vision has been found to be nothing more than an over-confident personal trainer setting unrealistic expectations and pressure on herself. Unrealistic as I didn’t expect that my gorgeous baby girl would too be diagnosed with a hearing impairment (just like her big sister), or wouldn’t be sleeping for more than a few hours at a time, I didn’t expect my eldest daughter’s transition to Primary School to be anything but ideal, I didn’t expect to be hit with digestive issues and back pain. Certainly not things one can anticipate will arise when initially setting goals and planning the path.


I put pressure on myself as I believe as a personal trainer I should look "the part" as it’s what my clients expect. It’s funny but sometimes when life really hits us with challenges it’s almost like a scary rollercoaster ride - all we can do is hold on tight and focus our minds on getting through to the end of ride (some of us may even need to close our eyes!). But where there is failure, there is an opportunity to learn, and this experience has taught me more than anything else about the expectations that I should be placing upon myself and that pressure serves absolutely no purpose.  


Which brings me to where I am now on my path…


My darling Piper is almost 7 months old and finally starting to sleep for 5 hour blocks at night (mostly) and although I may not be quite where I thought I would be by now I am happy and proud of what my family and I have achieved. Despite living off an average of only 5 broken hours of sleep a day I have managed to jump many hurdles without too many falls.


I can now honestly say that 95% of my days include some form of exercise - even if it is just a stroll with my beautiful girls. Funnily enough, I commit to this more for my mental state of mind than for physical attributes. My diet goal is probably sitting at about 80% of where it needs to be - as is found when one experiences lack of sleep and daily stresses, the mind craves dopamine and sweets fill this appetite. I unfortunately believe I have fallen into this trap and have been going the easy option of choosing a chocolate treat or cake for quick energy fixes even though I know an apple would do the same job, but this is a blog on honesty and honestly in the moment it's just lazy tactic. I'd also have to say that more nights than not I would enjoy a glass of wine – in the belief that the tactic achieves some level of sanity before the night shift begins when in fact I know meditation or reading a good book is more effective.


I guess at the end of the day all I'm wanting to say is to all those Mums out there that are busting their guts trying to get back to their pre-baby shape and comparing themselves to the many mums on Instagram that have managed to have a visible six pack in merely weeks of giving birth is that - don’t worry its ok. Just do what is right for you and your family and stop comparing yourself to other people because honestly, apart from the few that share their super-hot bods on Instagram, most of us take a little longer, and again that's ok. It may take 6 months or 12 or even 10 years to get there and that's ok. What I am looking forward to the most is feeling more like myself mentally and I think that finally getting some sleep will be the key to this. Removing one obstacle at a time, whenever that will be, will be the time that I can set a goal and whilst I just can't wait to get back my normal zest for life and bountiful energy I know it's not far away – so in the meantime I will just keep on moving and nourishing my body to the best of my ability under the wonderful circumstances of family life - forever believing in what I know I can and will achieve.


I thought I would share some pics of my journey so far.......











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