Got no time? Let's get sneaky...

January 7, 2016


Ok, so we are looking down the barrel of another packed year, filled with work and home duties. I have devised some tips which will assist in getting you fit, without anyone knowing you are exercising... Surely you say, this can't be true? Training at work on the bosses time without them knowing? Its possible and here's how to do it; 


At the office - if you are finding yourself sitting at your desk for hours on end, incorporate the following;


Exercise Tip # 1 

  • Ensure you are sitting in a comfortable position with your feet flat on the ground at right angles to your legs, with your back straight - lower your chair if you find you are having to look down at your screen, you should be looking pretty well straight at it. 

  • Now push down on your heels to the point that your quad muscles become tense. 

  • Hold the position for 30 second intervals. Increase this to 60 seconds or longer as you progress.

  • Continue with this for 10 mins at a time, in between these sessions try to go for a quick walk to loosen off. 

Exercise Tip # 2 

  • In the same position as tip # 1, rest your hands on your desk in the middle folded over each other. 

  • Press down firmly on the table and raise your knees. You should feel your core become tense. Hold this for 15 seconds at a time, or better yet, every time you are reading an email and your hands are free.

Exercise Tip # 3

  • Do all your printing at the furthest printer from you. This forces you to get up out of your seat and moving as much as possible. Also lower your chair before you get up which will fire up your quads as well. 

Exercise Tip # 4

  • Drink lots and lots of cold water. Drinking cold water, other than keeping you hydrated, can lead to an ever so slight increase in burning calories. Has to do with metabolism, which we don't purport to know enough about, but we do know that drinking water will decrease your appetite, facilitate any training you do and is just plain old healthy. 


At home - if you find your time is all about the kids, try these sneaky tips which wont lose you any mum of the year points!


Exercise Tip # 1

  • Your 8 year old just became your trainer... Yes you read that right! Take the kids to your local pool. Provided they are at an age that they can swim unoccupied, get them to play in the muck around lane next to a dedicated swim lane. Now ask them to time you on 4 laps using the overhead clock. This simple technique means you are now accountable to your 8 year old! You will find yourself being pushed as your child will be saying things like "come on mum, you can do better this time" or even better "mum you are going slower!!". If swimming inst for you, you can incorporate the same at your local park running. Find an oval and get the kids to time you on 2 laps (around 500m at least). Keep the distances short so that you can keep an eye on them. 

Exercise Tip # 2 

  • When preparing dinner, incorporate lunges and squats. Obviously with food around, arm exercises are probably not great, but rather than just stirring when its not really needed, quickly fit in 5-10 reps of squats or lunges. Fit in as many as you can. The best thing about this technique, is that by dinner time you are hungry and your muscles are craving nourishment.....

Have any great tips of your own? Please share them, I would love to hear from you....









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