Time to explode!!

January 29, 2016


As you can probably guess I just love to move and I simply can't get enough of explosive movements as they activate dormant muscles. Running each day is great, but you may find you plateau and struggle to take that next step. Incorporating explosive movements into your regime, will not only make you stronger, but take you to the next level in your running or fitness goals. Here are a few of my most simple go to's that I just know get results and make me feel great when finished!!


Challenge # 1 - Steps / Push Up 

  • Find a set of steps (ideally 10 - 20) at your local park or even at home if you have them. 

  • Run up the steps, ensuring that you keep your knees high. Really explode through each step as hard as you can. Aletrnate between taking the steps singly and two at a time.

  • Walk or jog back down - please don't run as you may slip, its not important for this routine in any case. 

  • Repeat until you go through 10 cycles. 

  • When you have finished the 10 cycles, at the top, do 5-10 push ups (on your knees is ok)

  • Do not stop until you have completed 5 sets (eg.50 steps & 25 push ups)

Challenge # 2 - Squat jumps 

  • You will need 2 x 2kg barbells for this exercise or find 2 objects that are around this - you could fill 2 empty 2 litre milk containers - one for each hand for example.

  • Whilst holding 2kgs in each hand perform a squat and explode up into a jump. 

  • Do as many as you can in 1 min, 30 secs, rest for 30 seconds, then do as many as you can in 1 min, rest for 30 sec and then as many as you can in 30 seconds. 

Challenge # 3 - Burpees

  • You will only need yourself and approx 10-20 metres to sprint.


    Start with doing 10 burpess, with or without push ups, step or jump back.


  • Then sprint 10-20 metres and walk back

  • Repeat doing 9 burpess - sprint, then 8 burpess - sprint, down to 1.


All of these Challenges will test your endurance and get you sweaty in no time at all! Have fun and be safe. Make sure you break when needed and always have water on hand. It's also always good to time your Challenge and try to decrease the time every time you come back to it again.









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