Re-boot your bunny with a post Easter cleanse.

April 16, 2017


It's been seven days since the bunny visited and my house is finally rid of chocolate and I'm getting back to my normal routine. Easter Holiday's like any other holiday season can steer us away from our normal "goodness" not only due to the usual culprits of overindulging - in this case for me chocolate & hot cross buns - but also due to the loss of our normal weekly fitness routine. This interruption, even if it seems only relatively minor can lead to a loss in motivation and therefore more difficult to get get back to our usual routine. 

Going away camping for the weekend for me meant leaving behind my weekend yoga practice, daily run with the pooch and early starts with a nutritious breakfast,. Although I still kept fairly active with setting up / packing up camp, strolls on the beach and a bit of body surfing, I certainly was not burning the same amount of calories that I normally would each week. Although I didn't binge on chocolate I most certainly did have my fair share and I also filled up on hot cross buns with lashings of butter. 

No time for food prep on Sunday last week meant that my family and I were eating not as well as we normally would.

This week there are no excuses and I am going to re-boot my bunny with a post Easter cleanse!


Join me by following the below tips to get you back on track;


1. Drink plenty of water and kick start the day with liquid chlorophyll. 


I have stocked my fridge with plenty of bottles of water ready for the whole family to just grab one and go. I generally get through anywhere between 4 to 6 drink bottles of water a day and start my day with my first bottle of water having a few teaspoons of liquid chlorophyll added. Liquid Chlorophyll is an antioxidant that has many health benefits with the best being that it helps to rebuild and replenish red blood cells, boosting energy and increasing your well being almost instantly. Drinking it on a daily basis keeps me feeling "fresh".


If I forget to drink my chlorophyll for even a few days - I really do feel the difference.  


2. Eat lots of vegetables.


Make sure you have visited the green grocer and stocked your fridge full of the good stuff. Before I do my shop I plan my family dinners for the week and make a list before I leave. Today I plan on making a batch of veggie soup, my go to mini veggie fritatas and prepping celery, carrot and capsicum sticks ready for snacks on the go.


The key to eating well is preparation - are you prepared? 


3. Plan your movements. 


As I write this I am keeping my eye on the time as I can't miss my scheduled 9am Sunday Yoga. I have also checked my diary for the week and scheduled times for my daily workouts. In addition to this - being the school holidays I have planned some active fun for my daughter and I to do this week - a visit to an indoor trampoline centre and a visit to the zoo.  I also plan on us ditching the car this week and taking public transport or walking as much as possible. This is a great way of increasing your incidental exercise and also has the added benefit of being educational and fun for my 5 year old too. 


Increase incidental exercise and have some fun!


4. Rest and rejuvenate.


Being 17 weeks pregnant - I am extra aware of the importance of rest. This week also marks the end of daylight savings which can really mess with our body clocks. So this week I am also going to make a big focus of ensuring I get to bed nice and early by 9:30pm - giving myself time to really wind down with a book and mediation.  


Allow yourself to wind down properly.


5. No more chocolate or sugar!


The last and most definitely the hardest for me to conquer is ensuring that this week I steer clear of the sweets. If there is one thing I am partial to - it is the sweet stuff and even just a slight increase over the last week has fueled an addiction and will make it even the more difficult to cut out. To help me avoid temptation I have lots of fresh strawberries and blueberries in the fridge to reach for when I need a sweet treat, but to ensure I don't overindulge I always just put a few in a small bowl rather than taking the whole punnet. 


Get off the sugar!


If you stick to these few easy tips you will be sure to feel in control, balanced and ready to tackle the world!!


Please note that this is general advice only.


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