Events (not those red carpet ones)

November 29, 2015


Seeing as we have looked into stress, nutrition and shopping, its only fitting that we now look into managing our busy schedules. We will introduce some strategies about managing our schedules, such as sending messages early and talking about planning for the events that you personally are holding. It may be a simple get together drinks and canapes or an extravagent dinner party. Regardless of the nature, I hope my suggestions will be of some use to you. 


Firstly can I just say that given everyone is so busy during the festive season, it makes the events that we hold just that extra bit stressful as we know that generally people only have a window of time to spend with you before they have to take off to their next event. So whether your stressed or they are, events can be pretty full on. Ok, so that said how can we plan ahead to simplify our commitment? Alright so I'm going to harp on again about lists, lists, lists. Lets ensure we write down number of guests, timing, food & drink that we want to provide etc. I am holding a casual BBQ with friends at a park by the bay. I have asked guests to BYO drinks and meat. My list reads as follows;

  • 13 people

  • 1pm start - 4pm finish (critical to set a finish time)

  • Fresh bread sticks

  • Salads X 2

  • Home made veggie patties (for my family)

  • My signature Christmas balls

  • Beer x 1 case, Champagne X 2, Wine X 4 & Juice boxes for the kids

  • Ice x 2 & Esky

  • Christmas crackers, serviettes, decorations for the table, disposable plates & cutlery

  • Portable music system

  • Aeroguard and sunscreen

  • Picnic rugs

  • Beach cricket set

  • Football

  • Grip ball X 2 

Once I have my list it is all very simple. I make sure I have all the ingredients, drinks and decorations ready the day before so I am not running around like a crazy cracker the morning of. I make the veggie patties the night before and pack all the other loose items into bags and put them straight into the car. Then all that is left on the day is to make my 2 fresh salads, fill the esky and pile into the car.


Remember, whether you are holding your event at home or on location make sure you allow a minimum 1 hour to set the scene. You do not want to be running around last minute trying to set everything up and this always takes longer than you expect (if you want it to look good).


The main key is do not take on more than you can handle. If you are not a wiz in the kitchen then maybe not offer to have Christmas at your place with you being responsible for everything. Ask a few family members to bring a few things to lighten the load. Ask your bestie of sister to come over a few hours early to help you set the table and also be specific with your requests. Don't just ask someone to please bring a salad, be specific such as a potato salad and do it in a meaningful way. For example, "Mum, Christmas would not be the same without your Christmas cake, would you mind....." Or Sandy, your potato bake is always a hit I don't even want to try and compete with that, would you mind...?" People are usually able to help, most of us actually feel like contributing to take the burden off the host, so never feel bad asking for help. Lastly just remember to have fun, that's what it is all about, pour yourself a glass of bubbles (you deserve it) and relax, it's only Christmas after all.


When it comes to all the other events you have been invited to the key is to actually look at your calender before commiting. Do not try and be everywhere at once. If you have two events on one day and really want to attend both, then when replying to one just say "I can make it but only for a few hours as I have another event, ill probably take off at 3pm". People are very understanding of this. It doesn't hurt to say this even when you don't have another event to go to so that if you or the kids are exhausted you don't need to feel bad about leaving. Make sure you are not overloading yourself. Essentially for me it's first in best dressed. If people send out late invites and your calender (and probably many others) is full then be realistic and say sorry I'm all booked up. If they're organising last minute they will be expecting this. Remember you are only one person and can only do so much. Yes you will be missed and you may have a little FOMO (fear of missing out) but trust me when all the parties are over you will never again think about those few you just couldn't get to unless there was a surprise proposal or nudie run that you will wish you were there for! But hey you can't win them all!  Most importantly make sure in amongst all the events you don't forget to take care of yourself. Make time for your favourite things, time with the kids, workouts, meal prep, long baths and meditation. You will need all these things more than ever to keep you going. 


That's it from me for today, remember to keep an eye out for some great quick Tabata workouts and some of my favourite Christmas Recipes in the next few weeks.....


Stay fabulous people, and have fun!!!





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