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The She Runs motto of she runs her day is what guides and motivates me every day. The fact is though - the motto isn't simply something that's on my website, it's a mission statement but also much more - it has a personal story which I would like to share with you here... 


We women are a naturally busy bunch - juggling a million things every day is not unusual. It doesn't matter if you're a student, mum, working professional or all three - you're busy and it's often hard to stay in control and run your day successfully without some level of structure. In fact it may just end up running you into the ground - feeling deflated, exhausted, stressed and well anything else you can think of.


My name is Abigail Browne and I founded She Runs in response to a time in my life when my wellbeing became adverseley affected after the birth of my first daughter Billie. I can admit now that I was quite unprepared and found myself out of control and I needed a solution to get back to running my own day rather than just responding to whatever immediate needs of my daughter were, which, consequently was causing me to become dispassionate and left me lost which was a new expereince for me and one I didn't want to waste away in. 


Of course its one thing to say you are going to change - but working out a way to do so is a different thing - luckily for me, the way found me... I was going through my normal routine - breast feeding, changing nappies etc. when I thought to myself "I need to get out of the house and do some excercise". I had always loved runnning so naturally I dusted off the sneakers and headed out for a run - stroller in tow. It was such a great release that I did it most days, as well as yoga and other functional movements.. Soon enough I was feeling pretty good about myself and I found my-self resurfacing - my spirit returned, my diet improved and soon enough I was back running my day! My productivity soared, my family life was stable and happy and most importantly my thinking was clear and with a little tweak to my diet, my body was also healthy. 


It was during one my my runs I thought to myself - "I know I'm not the only one who's been through this and surely I won't be the last". It was at that moment that I realised I had a formula that I could offer to other women that find themselves where I was and just like me could gain control of their lives.


It therefore became my mission to help create a world full of incredibly healthy and happy women – ready to take on any of life's challenges. Women who are strong, fit and totally in control of both their mind and body. It is what I have coined - the She Runs journey... 


So I invite you to join me at She Runs and like so many others before you - become empowered, happy, healthy and in control at She Runs. You'll be joining a sisterhood of like minded women that are role models and superstars to their loved ones and quite simply an inspiration to all those who come in contact with them! That is my pledge to you. 


Abigail Browne is a fully qualified Fitness Trainer having completing her training at the Australian Institute of Fitness as well as specialist certificates in womens fitness, pre and post natal exercise and pilates. Mentored by Marnia Perry of Pure Health Clubs, Abigail has the experience and expertise to get you running your day today...! 



Don't wait book your first session now and start running your day!!

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